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DIY Green Tea Mead

I had a little free time yesterday, so I made a small batch (around 48oz) of green tea mead. Here’s what it looks like the day after:

Green tea mead one day after brewing.

It’s murky, but that means the yeast is working on it, as do the bubbles at the top. It was black yesterday because I boiled a multi-vitamin for 15 minutes to sterilize it and add nutrients to the yeast strains that have been sitting in my fridge for at least a couple of years. I didn’t have any yeast nutrients sitting around, so I made do with what I had.

Thankfully, the blackened bits dropped out into the sediment layer at the bottom of the jar (which you can also see). I hope it doesn’t become part of the flavor, but if it does, I hope the eight bags of green tea and 2/3rds cup of orange blossom honey I added to it are the main characteristics. It smells mostly like honey right now, so I’m not too worried.

I aimed for about 5% ABV with calculations, so hopefully, the yeast will ferment it out over time. I could have done a hydrometer reading, but I didn’t want to lose volume. It’s not that important to me at this point since I’m doing a test run with this batch. Also, 5% is low for mead (they usually come in around 10% or higher), but I wanted to make something easier to drink.

I plan to let it ferment for a couple of weeks before bottling it unless it needs more time. Fermentation will complete once the yeast drops out and it becomes more green tea-colored. I’m going to have to pop the top regularly to off-gas the CO2 since I don’t have a proper blow-off on the Mason jar, but that’s why I got a hinged one. That, and it was on sale for $3.50, so I got two.

All in all, so far, so good. I’m intrigued to see how this progresses!

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